Tourism sites of Yazd



Fire temple Jaame mosque
Fire temple-iran-tour-yazd jameh-mosque-of-yazd-iran-tour
The fire of this temple burn for more than 1500 years and is one of the holy temple of Zoroastrian in Yazd This architectural masterpiece by every kind of architectural decorations and by the antiquity of 900 years is one of the valuable monuments of Yazd
Tower of silence Water museum
yazd_towers_of_silence-jpeg-crop-promo-large-iran-tour-yazd Water museum-iran-tour-yazd
A place that Zoroastrian did their interment from so many years ago till 55 years ago in a special way You can see every kind of tools in making aqueduct and the way of constructing water canals that Iranians were the starter of it
Dowlat Abad garden Mausoleum of 12 Imam
dowlat-abad-garden-iran-tour-yazd prison-alexandre_ecole-ziaieh_yazd_iran_tour
One of the 9 gardens of Iran registered in list of UNESCO as the Iranian garden. It has the longest wind tower in Iran The oldest monument of Yazd by 1008 years antiquity
Amir Chakhmagh Square Alexander prison
amir-chakhmagh-iran-tour-yazd Alexander prison-iran-tour-yazd
The oldest square of Yazd comes back to 600 years ago that a lot of historical events happened there and still use for speech by politicians A place that native people believe it was a place that was used as prison by Alexander but it was basically a school. This is the second historical building of Yazd
Historical texture Historical houses
old-texture-of-yazd-iran-tour-yazd yazd-historical-sites-lari-house-iran-tour
The unique feature of these textures is still alive and people live there An especial structure of these houses has made situation that every part was used in special seasons
Natural refrigerator Narin citadel
Natural refrigerator-iran-tour-yazd Narin citadel-iran-tour-yazd
Lofty dome and bulky mud wall helped to keeping ices out of melting in a intelligently and so simple way The oldest castle of the world comes back to 3000 years B.C.
Taft Eagle mountain
sadri_namir_garden_and_building_-_feyzabad_taft_yazd_iran_tour_yazd Eagle_mountain_iran_tour_yazd
This city is one of the summer quarters on Yazd that is famous as the roof of Yazd By visiting every side of this mountain, you are going to see eagle shape, that is naturally created
Zein o Din Caravanserai Saryazd castle
caravanserai_zein-o-din_yazd_iran_tour Saryazd-castle-iran-tour-yazd
The unique circle caravanserai of Iran that comes back to 400 years ago with 5 watchtowers This castle is the first and the oldest bank safe deposit boxes in Iran and the world by about 8000 square meter area and 468 rooms. It comes back to Sassanid era
Clock square Jaame mosque of Fahraj
yazd-clock-tower-iran-tour fahraj-jame-mosque-yazd-tour-iran
This is the oldest clock tower of Iran and history of building it, comes back to 700 years ago The oldest mosque of Iran without any changes in its structure that comes back to 1400 years ago
Cypress tree of Abarkouh The cistern with 6 wind tower
Cypress tree of Abarkouh-iran-tour-yazd http://www.atlastour.ir/en/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/Fig-1-A-city-cistern-in-Yazd-with-six-wind-towers-iran-tour
It is the oldest alive creature of the world by more than 4000 years old This is the unique cistern in the world that has 6 wind tower
Kharanagh Chak Chak
Kharanagh-iran-tour-yazd Chak Chak-iran-tour-yazd
Combination of castle, caravanserai, public bathroom, shaking tower, stone bridge, mosque and cistern that the oldest part of it, comes back to Sassanid era The most important pilgrimage place of Zoroastrians in the world
chaparkhaneh Pigeon house
chapar-khaneh-iran-tour-yazd Pigeon house-iran-tour-yazd
This is the oldest system of post office in the world that started with Darius the great in Achaemenian era A building for collecting pigeon in a place for using their eggs, meat, feather, fertilizer and producing chicken by them