Pasargadae Persepolis
Pasargadae-iran tour-shiraz Persepolis_iran_tour_shiraz
The first capital of Cyrus the great and Achaemenian era and the unique model for all the Iranian gardens The first capital of Darius the great in Achaemenian era. It was used for about 200 years and was a place for holding national ceremonies
Bishapour Naghsh e Rostam
Bishapour-iran tour-shiraz Naghsh e Rostam-iran tour-shiraz
One of the ancient cities of Iran comes back to Sassanid era. Holy Anahita temple of Zoroastrians located in this city Consisting 4 tomb of kings of Achaemenian and some valuable inscriptions
Shapour cave Margoun waterfall
Shapour cave-shiraz-iran tour Margoun waterfall-iran tour-shiraz
There is statue of Shapour (king of Sassanid) at the entrance of cave by 1700 years antiquity and 7 meters height By height of 70 meters and width of 100 meters is one of the biggest and the most glorious waterfalls of Iran
Mausoleum of Hafez Eram garden
Mausoleum of Hafez -iran tour- shiraz Eram garden-iran tour-shiraz
One of the prominent poet of Iran that his poetry book find in every Iranian houses and memorizing his poems is the pride of Iranian youth Variety of plants is a lot in this garden and so many plants from throughout the world planted there.
Karim Khan castle Mausoleum of Saadi
karim-khan-castle-shiraz-iran-tour-shiraz Mausoleum of Saadi-iran tour-shiraz
It was built in Zandiyeh dynasty about 260 years ago and it was used as prison in Pahlavi era and its used as the big museum of Pars nowadays Saadi was one of the biggest poets of Iran lived about 800 years ago. he has the title of wordsmith among literali of Iran
Nasir o Lmolk mosque Vakil Bazar
Nasir-o-Lmolk-mosque-iran-tour-shiraz bazar-e-vakil-shiraz-iran-tour-shiraz
This is the most beautiful mosque of Shiraz. It has an especial fame in combination of colors. It is unparalleled in Tiling and Mogharnas One of the most famous historical and traditional bazars of Iran was built about 250 years ago
jahan Nema garden Mausoleum of Shah Cheragh
jahan-Nema-garden-iran-tour-shiraz Mausoleum-of-Shah-Cheragh-iran-tour-shiraz
One of the oldest gardens of Shiraz by antiquity of more than 600 years old One of the holy shrine of Shia in Shiraz that one of the son of our Imams was buried there after being killed
Vakil public bathroom Zinat o Lmolk historical house
Vakil-public-bathroom-iran-tour-shiraz Zinat-o-Lmolk-historical-house-iran-tour-shiraz
It was used the most advanced engineering principles in time of building it about 260 years ago It was built in Ghajar era. There is an museum of famous men of Shiraz in there
Jaame mosque of Shiraz Summerhouse in Nazar garden
atigh-jame-mosque-iran-tour-shiraz Summerhouse-in-Nazar-garden-iran-tour-shiraz
The oldest mosque of Shiraz comes back to 1156 years ago with some rehabilitations in different periods It was a place for welcoming of foreign guests and ambassador about 230 years ago in Zandieh era and its known as the Pars museum
Domestic tribes of Fars Ghavam garden
Domestic-tribes-of-Fars-iran-tour-shiraz iran-tour-ghavam_garden_shiraz
Touching life of Fars domestic tribes, their black tents, animal husbandry and milking It consist of mirror hall, dais hall and ceremonies rooms that is one of the most beautiful palace of Ghajar era and now works as a museum
Boragh canyon Ardeshir castle
Boragh-Canyon-iran-tour-shiraz ardeshir_castle_iran_tour_shiraz
It has nice view at the head of village, jungles and massive garden that make the space agreeable for the visitors This castle was for originator of Sassanid era, Ardeshir by 1800 years antiquity. People known it as a fire temple
Tizab canyon Afif Abad garden museum
Tizab-canyon-iran-tour-shiraz Afif-Abad-garden-museum-iran-tour-shiraz
It consisting of continual durable water with variety in plant coverage, make the situation nice for spending hot summer. water of this canyon originated from Sepidan mountain Consisting of a royal palace and Iranian garden that has one of the biggest weapon museum in middle east