Tourism sites of Isfahan


Ali Ghapou Thirty three Bridge
Ali Ghapou -iran-tour-isfahan Thirty three Bridge_iran_tour_yazd
It was used as a king sit and a palace for greeting ambassadors and foreign guests by Shah Abbas the great It was built by order of Shah Abbas the great and by length of 300 meters is the longest bridge of Zaayandeh rood river
Gheisarieh Bazaar Jame mosque
Gheisarieh Bazaar_iran_tour_isfahan jame_mosque_iran_tour_isfahan


The big covered bazar of Isfahan that in Safavid era, foreign merchant had some stores here Existing some traces shows that it was built by Arabs and from remaining of a Sassanid fire temple
Birds garden Abyaneh
Birds garden_iran_tour_isfahan Abyaneh_iran_tour_isfahan
This garden is a few birds garden in middle east by 4000 birds in 130 species An exceptional village in several stories by 1000 years antiquity. the color of houses are red that was effective in age of this village
Extracting factory Shaking minaret
Extracting factory_iran_tour_isfahan Shaking minaret _iran_tour_isfahan
It was used as a place for powdering turmeric & pepper and extracting from oilseeds in Safaavid era Basic of this building comes back to 780 years ago that shaking minarets of it, was built by scholarly of Safavid
Mesr desert Maranjaab desert
Mesr desert _iran_tour_isfahan Maranjaab desert_iran_tour_isfahan
Existing salt lake, marches by height of 4 meters and its special wild life near starry sky, prepared this area agreeable This desert that is one of the most beautiful desert of Iran, is surrounded by salt lake, national park of Kavir and sand hill
Forty column palace Eight heaven palace
Forty column palace_iran_tour_isfahan Eight heaven palace_iran_tour_isfahan
One of the royal gardens of Safavid era. Features of this garden consisting of wooden column, big wall painting, mirror and tiling work and decorated doors and windows that was built by hands of Iranian artists It was used by last kings of Safavid. Tiling works of animals in this palace is marvelous
Vaank church Khajouh bridge
Vaank church_iran_tour_isfahan khaju-bridge-iran_tour_isfahan
Vaank in Armenian language means cathedral. It was built in Safavid era and the first printing house of Iran and middle east was stablished there By 380 years antiquity is more famous that other bridge of Isfahan because of its tiling and architecture
Sheikh lotf o llah mosque Imam mosque
Sheikh lotf o llah mosque_irna_tour_isfahan Imam mosque_iran_tour_isfahan
It is one of the most beautiful traces of Isfahan that has been praising by the archaeologists It was built 420 years ago by order of Shah Abbas the great and in case tiling, architecture and carpentry is fantastic
Constitutional house Naghsh e Jahan square
house-of-constitutional-revolution-iran-tour-isfahan naqshe-jahan-square-iran-tour-isfahan
It comes back to Kajar era and was for politician leader of Isfahan that was used for gathering people formaking decision about standing against despotism Building of this square comes back to 390 years ago. Existing 200 store in 2 floor nears several kingship and religious constructions make this square special for tourists
Tabatabaee-ha house

Agha Bozorg mosque

tabatabaee-ha_house_kashan_iran_tour_isfahan Agha Bozorg mosque_ iran _tour_isfahan
This is one of the most beautiful house of Kashan and its king sit by its mirror and plaster working and its decorated doors are fantastic It was built 180 years ago and is one of the most glorious religious constructions of Kashan
Traditional bazar of Kaashaan Fin garden
kashan-bazaar-iran-tour-isfahan Fin garden-isfahan
One of the most thriving and glorious bazar of Iran and the peak performance of this bazar comes back to Safavid era This is one of the Iranian gardens that in comparing with other gardens of Iran, has more water
Soltan Ahmad public bathroom Borougerdi-ha historical house
sultan_amir_ahmad_bathhouse_iran_tour_isfahan Borougerdi-ha historical house_iran_tour_isfahan
One of the most beautiful public bathroom of Iran that its lame working and its roof is marvelous

It was chosen as the best tourism attractive in 2015 in Iran. Painting wall and plaster working in this house is amazing