You can touch Iranian cultures in different times of year. Following list consists all interested
happy or mourning ceremonies that you can take part in them.We can manage your attendance
to come to visit our cultures in every season and by every kind of your interests.


Mourning ceremony of Imam Hosein the third Imams of Shiiteh. There is 40 days for holding mourning
ceremony for this Imam,but there is 3 topic days named Aashurah, Taasuah & Arbaein that muslims operating special parties like,
chest beating, chain beating, lifting wooden structure (Nakhl) & ETC.
In 1st , 2nd October & 10th November 2017, you can take part in this huge party and visit it from close


Sadeh is a kind of ceremony for remembering the time of starting creating fire by one of the ancient king of Persia
named Hushang,that Iranians get rid of cold air, eating raw meat, and absolutely having light at night and in a darkness place.
This ceremony consider as one of the Zoroastian ceremonies nowadays and it is one of the most of them that
Zoroastrian letother religion for taking part instead of other their ceremonies.
You can see that from close in 29th January 2017


Nowruz is the most important Iranian ceremony that all people by every kind of religion
and belief hold it and also other people from other countries cherish Nowruz. In this ceremony
people celebrate the start of spring and it consider the first day of new year for Iranians.
You can take part in our Nowruz in 21st March 2017