Carpet Tour 13 Days



1st day

Flight to Tehran, arrival in Tehran at night. meeting & greeting with tour guide. Transferring to Qom. checking into the hotel and resting. Overnight in Tehran.  


2nd day

Visiting rug factory of Qom. This city is so famous about its silk carpets. After than driving to Kashan. Overnight in traditional hotel of Kashan.



3rd day

Visiting gallery of handmade rugs of Kashan and their different patterns and designs and also visiting traditional bazar of Kashan. Driving to Esfahan. Overnight in Esfahan.  




Visiting art museum of Isfahan and some of the most important workshops of the Isfahan and also historical bazars of Isfahan. Overnight in Isfahan.  




Driving to Chalestar in the morning. Mosaic rugs of this region by their special colors are eyeful. Overnight in this region.



6th day

Getting ready for driving to Imam airport in Tehran in the morning, visiting National museum of carpet and after that flight to Tabriz. Overnight in Tabriz.




7th day

Driving to one of the most famous villages of Tabriz about its Turkish weaves and Indian patterns that is comes back to their history and their generation that are from Mongols and Nomads groups. After that coming back to Tabriz. Overnight in Tabriz.



8th day

Visiting carpet bazar of Tabriz that is the most important bazar of rugs in Iran near Isfahan. Overnight in Tabriz.



9th day

 Checking out from hotel, flight to Mashhad. Driving to village of Doidokh from there. Overnight in Doidokh.


10th day

Visiting handmade workshops of traditional rugs of this region that are special by itself. Overnight in there.




11th day

Driving to airport of Mashahd. Flight to Yazd. Driving from Yazd to Ravar village in kerman. Overnight in Ravar.


12th day

Visiting its workshops and their customs in weaving carpets. Overnight in there.




13th day

Getting ready for driving to Tehran. Getting ready for leaving Iran &    Remembering the best times of the trip by your guides.     



We tried to introduce you some of the most important village of Iran in weaving carpets and rugs and also give you a comprehensive itinerary for visiting important bazars, workshops and museums.