Booking Hotels

We are a professional team for booking every kind of hotel in Iran from 1 to 5 stars.
All hotels in Iran have discount for their special clients and active travel
agency that we are enjoying
from them. So we can get hotels by less price
that you.We will offer you the best hotels in each city of Iran, but by your
requested amount we will reserve your residence.
In some cities like Yazd or Isfahan, you can stay in traditional hotels that have good quality
but in other cities we are not agree to do that.These hotels are our offer for
reserving but we will be at your services by every type of hotel that you ask.
Name of hotels Stars of hotels City
Safayieh ***** Yazd
Moshir ****
Laleh ***
Espinas ***** Tehran
Ferdowsi ****
Asareh ***
Chamran ***** Shiraz
Hotel park Saadi ****
Atlas ***
Shah Abbasi ***** Isfahan
Pirouzi ****
Zohreh ***