Before Travel To Iranyou Need To Know

1-Get visa by Agency in iran and don’t waist your time in iranian embassies
there is a lot of zero in currency of Iran and confusing part is writing in Rials and Talking in Tooman that you can have enough information about it in part of currency, others, Iran in this website.

2-sometimes lonely planet book cannot help you in choosing the suitable hotels, so you would better to trust your travel agency to do it for you.

3-Credit cart And travel cheque are out of using in Iran

4-Alcoholic Drinking is an illegal drinking in Islamic republic of Iran

5-If you are looking for a high quality carpet, be sure iran is your Paradise. But you need to have a companion like your leader for getting carpet by reasonable price

6-Most of Outside public WCs in Iran don’t have toilet papers

7-Time will close most of shops and some tourism sites, as well  13:00 to 16:00

ِ8-Driving in Iran is  somehow dangerous, so you would better do crosswalk training if you don’t want to have hospital visit

9-You can having communicate closer to Iranian by bring your family photos

10-Mineral water are in all over country founded but even though tap water is drinkable and good

11-For flying back to your country, sometimes you need to be in traffic for about 2 in Tehran for IKA Airport, so consider this time.

12-pickpocket are not common in Iran but wear a money belt and put your hand on your wallet or purse in all busy places and crowded cities

13-Try to buy or sell currency from exchange shops instead of dealers around historical and tourism sites.

14-masoodi atlas tour, [17.10.16 18:41]
there is a lot of holidays in Iran that some of them close museum and monument as well, check it out from reception in hotel if you have holiday in your itinerary

15-If you don’t have time to read History of Iran, you can have some searches about: Achaemenids Empire, Cyrus the great, Darius the great, Sassanians Era, Safavid Era & Shah Abbas